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Tuesday, 13 September 2016 15:16

We have added exciting new events to our weekly pattern here at life.


Every Wednesday 1-2pm we will share alight lunch be introduced to a prayer theme and then pray together.


Every Thursday 7.30pm we open the bible for ourselves and share what we find through the evening. See Book club tab above for more information.


Every Monday 8 am a time to wait on God.

We hope you can join us at these or our regular daily Bible reading and prayer.

God Bless you.












Throughout lent, in particular, we are remembering the persecuted church, men, women, boys and girls who because they know God and acknowledge Jesus, are in danger of suffering and even death. They do not have the freedoms we do and which we so often take for granted.

We have a shop with an open door and a glass window for all to see what we have and do in the shop. We have Bibles for people to read, borrow and buy. We do not live in fear of arrest. But I am reminded to ask myself, if I was arrested would there be enough evidence of my following Jesus to convict me.

Each Wednesday for the next few weeks we are following the Open Doors 'Fast Food' initiative to remember the persecuted church in prayer. Our first challenge was to make a space for church in our home to remind us that those who live under threat of persecution often have to hide their faith and meet in small and cramped places to worship God.

We have made our worship space in a forgotten place under the stairs.

Please come and see our new 'prayer room'.


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