New Books At Life Today!
Written by Lydia   
Tuesday, 04 June 2013 16:19


We have 3 great new books from Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) at life aimed at those teaching children whether in primary school or at church.

 Teaching Narnia By Olivia Warburton is a cross-curricular classroom and assembly resource for those teaching RE to KS2. It includes background information on C.S. Lewis’s life, 15 lesson plans, drama workshop activities, assemblies and follow-up ideas for Christmas and Easter as well as plot summaries of each of the Narnia books.

Why Teach Narnia in RE?

“... While being presented as fantasy stories the books contain strong Christian themes exploring the nature of Christianity and God’s relationship with human beings in a parallel universe. .. the books work on different levels...Lewis includes characters from Greek and Roman mythology as well as traditional British and Irish fairy tales and even Father Christmas makes an appearance.

 They offer parallels with the Bible and the life of Jesus Christ, helping the children to learn about key Christian beliefs and to learn from them by tackling big questions such as: what is really real? How do we see the world? Who is in charge of the world? Is God really good? Does he exist at all? What happens after death? How do we know what is right and wrong?.”

 The stories also provide strong links to PHSE and Citizenship, Literacy, Art, Drama and Science.

Priced at just £6.99

 Christianity: Key Beliefs and Traditions By Cavan Wood seeks to inform and equip RE teachers of KS2 by looking at theological ideas such as creation and salvation as well as at the life of Jesus and the growth of the church. Over 30 topics are covered, each including background information, classroom activities and learning objectives. The emphasis is not just on the history of Christianity but on the Christian faith as it is lived now and on evaluating its key ideas, linking them to pupils’ experience and understanding.

Priced at £7.99

 Not Sunday Not School Bible Heroes! By Eleanor Zuercher. A Sunday or midweek resource for those working with 3-11 year olds contains 11 off-the-peg themed activity programmes and a 5 session holiday club based around the lives of Old and New Testament heroes, both well known and less familiar.

Each 2 hour programme offers material for a range of practical activities including storytelling, art and craft, drama, discussions, music, cookery and Bible teaching, plus ideas for an act of worship following a workshop session.

Price £9.99

If you mention this ad we'll give you 10% off any of these 3 books at the till!

Spring Sale
Written by Lydia   
Saturday, 11 May 2013 15:28

Our BIG 25% off sale* starts Monday 13th May.

Masses of books have been reduced so why not come in and browse over a cup of tea or coffee?

*(on stickered books only)

Shop Notice Re: 30th April 2013
Written by Rob   
Monday, 29 April 2013 09:19

We are very sorry, the shop will be closed on Tuesday 30th April due to unforseen circumstances.

We will be back to normal on Wednesday 1st May. We are sorry for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you soon!

A New Season of Messy Moments In Store At Life!
Written by Andrew Williams   
Tuesday, 19 March 2013 16:50

Our new season of Messy Moments will be kicking of next Monday with our Easter themed 'Eggstravaganza'.

We will have crafts and a story for the children, and a free cup of tea or coffee for accompanying adults. (Children need to be accompanied please)

There will be a small charge of £1.50 to cover the cost of craft materials.

We will be closed on Wednesday 13th March 2013 from 2pm
Written by Lydia   
Tuesday, 12 March 2013 16:55

We are very sorry to announce that we will be closed tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday 13th March 2013  from 2pm, for the funeral of our dear Pastor, teacher and friend Rev'd David Green. He has been a huge inspiration and influence for good in many lives and will be very much missed in the Weston-super-Mare area. Our love and thoughts go out to all his family and friends and our prayers are with all who knew him. We will be open again as usual on Thursday 14th March.

Sorry for any inconveinience.

Life Goes On The Road - To CRE West
Written by Lydia   
Tuesday, 22 January 2013 10:49

As we write this we are busy packing up crates, baskets, hampers, tables and chairs, ready to head of to UWE in Bristol for this years CRE West.

We hope to see as many of you as possible permitting!

It all begins on Wednesday 23rd January 2013.

The shop will still be open in Weston and business will continue as usual there.

Our Corner At CRE   

We are going to CRE to 'spread the word' that there are still some Christian Bookshops around and to give people a taster of what it's like at Life. So we will still be aiming to begin the day with a devotional, read the Bible at lunch time and end the day with prayers of thankgiving. We're also taking table and chairs so that people can sit a while and just rest, eat their lunch, or drink their coffee.

So pretty much Life as we know it.

Please say hello if you're visiting and if we've not met before come and find out more.

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